I am a wildlife photographer predominantly focusing on the underwater world, although I enjoy photographing terrestrial wildlife when the opportunity presents itself.  Having been an avid diver since my early teens I began underwater photography when I was 19 and I haven’t been able to go on a dive without a camera since!

I’m a passionate marine conservationist and love to capture ‘the moment’. My underwater photography pairs nicely with my marine biology background. I am the founder and managing director of Love The Oceans, a non-profit marine conservation organisation in Mozambique. I specialise in shark fisheries, and Love The Oceans was initially founded to continue my research on this. However, I’m proud to say the organisation has grown rapidly since it’s birth and now encompasses many different areas of research including coral reef surveys and megafauna research.

I have a Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) and I currently am supervising a few different Masters and Bachelors students conducting research on different areas of Mozambique’s marine ecosystem.

I strongly believe media and science go hand in hand in accomplishing a more sustainable planet. Media serves as a way to get the message of the plight of marine life out there and that is the aim of my photography. A few of my photos have appeared in various blogs, magazines, ‘SOES News’, the Southampton Ocean and Earth Science magazine, and they are constantly used by Love The Oceans for promotion purposes. I do many talks around the UK about marine conservation for Love The Oceans which my photos are always used in.

If you’d like prints of any of my photographs just email francesca@lovetheoceans.org and we’ll take it from there.

© Copyright 2018 Francesca Trotman Photography

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